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Abby Grace


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Abby's Amblings - The Path

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 Senses of the Sea - Audio Book

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 Abby Grace Releases Remember Your Friends - November 2021

Producer's Notes

Abby's latest release is a 6 song EP exploring the theme of friendship, which resonates deeply for both Abby and I. On a daily basis we are grateful for the friendships that help us navigate life's challenges, joys and sorrows.

Musically, this EP has a singer-songwriter feel to it, rooted in country, bluegrass, and folk genres.

The title track, Remember Your Friends, reminds us to be there for each other in good times and bad. Shirl Girl Bo Birl describes the therapeutic   benefits of a night on the town with your BFFs. Search For Gold is a true story about the saving grace of friendship from total strangers. Good Ole Joe simply expresses the joy of playing music together. Not Too Shabby Abby gives an insight into Abby's belief in the power of music to bring people together. The EP wraps up with a soothing lullaby Release and Let Go. A simple message intended to calm and comfort.

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 Abby Grace Releases Wanna Change the World - June 2020

 Abby Unplugged could have been the title of this new cd.  With an acoustic, singer-songwriter style, my producer Paul Bezooyen of The Hermit’s Music, brought my songs to life with fun, love, patience, and a hell of alotta talent. The man can bring tears to my eyes with the beauty of his playing.  The support and encouragement of Paul and his lovely wife Catherine made all of this possible, for which I will be eternally grateful.

But my luck doesn’t stop there…..

Having a deep love of music, and the biggest of hearts, the following graciously contributed their individual amazing talent and artistic flairs to help create the songs you’ll hear on this cd – Dave Barta on piano, Rod Sauer on harmonica. Joe Spinelli on bass. Harmonies by Megan Keene, Linda Bezooyen and Dave Kilbank. Additional guitar by Andrew Bezooyen. John Fowler played Darbuka and mandolin. Alex Travers played fiddle. And track 1 features the Sound Connection Choir led by Sharon Tomczyk and Megan Keene. I am so blessed, thank you !

Leaving egos at the door and keeping it all about the music created an atmosphere of joy and inspiration, which we hope shines through.  

As Emmylou Harris once said, “Let’s put the living room back in the music.”


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Abby's Amblings - The Path - Released March 11, 2020 

The 15 songs on this release combine those previously released on 2 EPs: Abby's Amblings and Abby's Amblings - A Little Further Down the Path.

Since everyone loved the "Nashville Story" of how Abby's Amblings came to be. I decided to include it in the liner notes of the physical CD. You can download a PDF version by clicking HERE

Many thanks to all who have loved and supported me through this journey. I couldn't have done it without YOU.

Special thanks to Rojo Marlowe who believed in me from the start and made my songs come to life with his instrumental wizardy; to Paul Bezooyen for making it all work up here in Canada and producing my songs; and last but not least to Meg Keene and Linda Bezooyen for the angelic harmonies you so graciously added to the mix

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 Senses of the Sea - Audio Book - Released January 2020

I wrote this as a musical/play around my cd Senses of the Sea, and my girlfriend said it would make a great audiobook.  The songs just fell into place around the story.  Great for kids and adults alike.  Hope you enjoy it.

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 Senses of the Sea - Released August 2017

Combining a deep love of sailing with a passion for sharing joyful music, this CD is a compilation of my experiences, with a “sea shanty/ Irish Rovers” flare to it. Witnessing my songs come to life under the skillful collaboration of such open-hearted and fun musicians was pure magic. Our Intention was to create a joyful experience. Our Mission was to leave you with a smile on your face. It is our hope and desire that you have as much fun listening to it as we had making it.

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 Children's Activity Book - Released March, 2018

Activity Book CoverActivity Book CoverBased on the songs from her Senses of the Sea album, Abby Grace has created a wonderful activity book for children ( and those who are young at heart ) It features a children's version of the Senses of the Sea CD, along with the song lyrics, and pages for drawing and coloring. Parents will appreciate how the book encourages shared playtime:  Singing , Doodling, Story writing... All things that engage imagination.



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 Abby Grace - Biography

“Putting the living room back in the music”

– Emmylou Harris

When Abby heard this saying, it spoke to her heart and soul, and her belief that music is made to be shared. Coupled with a strong vision that music can bring peace to the world, her songs are her contribution to this cause to which she is deeply committed.
Born in Hearst and growing up in Hornepayne, Ontario, Abby Grace was not exposed to a great deal of world music as a youngster, but looking at the gusto with which she pursues music for the pure joy of it today, the only explanation is that she was born with it coursing through her veins! Having only latently decided to truly follow her musical bliss in earnest in 2012, Abby taught herself how to play guitar (a hand-built cigar box model to boot!), written around a hundred original songs, and racked up dozens of local live appearances. Sometimes in life we have itches to scratch, and the passionate way Abby has launched herself into her musical adventures is a perfect illustration of that notion in action.
Abby’s original material is unfailingly upbeat, jaunty and celebratory, projecting inclusive messages of hope and joy. She injects her music with a playful innocence, reflective of the fun she had when singing in a vocal group on CBC in Grades 7 and 8. And now, although relatively late in life to take it up, Abby is pursuing a musical dream held since she was that child, and it would seem from the reactions to her songs and performances that it is indeed a dream come true!
Abby’s debut release was the Abby’s Amblings EP (2016), a six-song release resulting directly from a chain of events starting by pure chance in a Nashville, TN bar. The songs have attracted the attention of circles within Nashville’s publishing and songwriting communities, and in turn that of The Hermit’s Music. CLICK HERE for MORE