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Bob Enns


Bob Enns - Reflective

Bob Enns - Reflective Released 2019

Digital download coming soon to Bandcamp - See below to order physical CD


Debut Album - Released 2015

Digital Download for $5.99 available from  CD Baby

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The Hermit's Music

A cooperative association of Vancouver Island Songwriters

Latest album "Reflective" released May 2019

Reflection is something we do more than we realize. Our treasure chest of memories holds the story of our lives. Be it for a moment or an enduring time, all the bits and batches of our happiest, saddest, funniest, scariest, most passionate and fondest memories are there to share. 

This album is a collection of reflective stories from others, possibly me... or you, which have evolved into song.


 Almost 2 years in the making, Dave Kilbank and Bob Enns have skillfully crafted the arrangements so that they support and enhance the stories told by the lyrics. With generous contributions from some very talented musicians and singers, this album covers a wide range of themes and styles.

Song Samples: ( 6 of 12 tracks on the album )

 About Debut CD "River of Life" - 2015

This collection of contemporary Folk-Rock songs will take you from gentle headwaters to rolling rapids and swirling eddies. All original songs with a story telling theme and some sudden outbursts of humour.... songs to rock you , relax you, bring a tear, make you think, make you wonder, and make you laugh.